List of the Prize-Winners:

1st Prize-Winner – Ms. Livia Duleba from Hungary

3rd Prize-Winner ex aequo – Ms. Yaeram Park from South Korea

3rd Prize-Winner ex aequo – Mr. Matvey Demin from Russia

4th Prize-Winner ex aequo – Ms. Veronika Blachuta from Austria

4th Prize-Winner ex aequo – Mr. Gustav Villegas from Spain

6th Prize-Winner – Mr. Alessandro Baticci from Italy

Special Prizes:

Award founded by Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

a handmade 800 Series Yamaha silver flute

for Ms. Livia Duleba from Hungary

Award founded by Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki

PLN 5.000,00 for the best performance of Flute Concerto

for Ms. Livia Duleba from Hungary

Award founded by Prof. Zdzisław Łapiński, Rector of The Academy of Music in Krakow,

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH and DUX Recording Producers

consisting in a CD recording and release

for Ms. Olga Leonkiewicz from Poland


founded by A.Malawski Philharmony Podkarpacka in Rzeszów

a concert to take place in the next artistic season

for Ms. Livia Duleba from Hungary

As a gift from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH

all finalists are receiving Yamaha HiFi sets.


6th International Flute Competition Krakow 2014 under the auspices of Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki

It is for the sixth time that I have the honour to be the Patron of the International Flute Competition in

I find it immensely enjoyable to be among flute music enthusiasts: young and talented flutists accepting the challenge of competition, flute masters as members of the jury, hosts and the fantastic audience.

It is always a pleasure to follow careers of the Competition prizewinners who have been presenting their art on the most important stages around the world. Not only have they proved themselves as artists but also they validate the Jury’s choice and thus continuously strengthen the Competition’s position.

Let us therefore appreciate the opportunity to attend another extraordinary musical event in Krakow.

I wish to invite all of you to take satisfaction in the experience of the Music and to congratulate the hosts on this excellent enterprise.


Prof. dr h.c. Krzysztof Penderecki